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Rhodes & Athens, Greece
We specialize in personalized sightseeing tours for travelers on their own and shore excursions for cruise passengers, who would like to make the most of their time on Rhodes & Athens, Greece
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Let's explore the elusive, not the all-inclusive: The hidden treasures of Greece


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Dear Guests,

You are planning your vacation now, aren’t you? Or you may be already in the airport waiting for the boarding to go to the country of your dreams - Greece? Have you worked hard in the middle of concrete jungle and now you deserve a wonderful respite in the gorgeous cradle of Western civilization? We guess so. BTW you have an excellent taste; you have chosen one of the most beautiful and definitely unique European country - Greece . Well done! It’s the right time for you to start planning, reserve and receive the well-deserved fruits of your hard work. The sun will recharge your batteries, the sea will heal your body, a comfy bed at your hotel will cradle your mind with the sweetest dreams and magnificent historical sights will inspire you for new achievements… all that can provide Greece, but what about participating in some exciting activities? Why wouldn’t you want to share some adventures and fun with your mate, family, or friends, making your trip even more joyful and memorable? If you entrust that part to us, it will be our turn to work hard and assist you in getting the most and the best out of Greece. The world smiles when you smile. Some people think that Greeks have a lot of fun because we are carefree, no it’s because we remember that life is short and we know how to stop time by making the world laugh. Come on, together let’s make it laugh, long and loud! Let's smile to this world together!

If you want to discover the most beautiful places of Rhodes with ease, joy, and totally carefree, please take a look at our organized tours & activities. Please feel welcome to contact us and share your travel wishes and interests.

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