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Rhodes & Athens, Greece
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Rhodes New Town

Rhodes New Town

New Town of Rhodes resembles a beautiful mosaic done from unique pieces! So if you like new emotions, colors, smells, experiences, you will enjoy discovering it!

You will be surprised to notice so many beautiful examples of neo-colonial architecture. There are impressive buildings of Rhodes Post Office, Town Hall, National Theatre, Aquarium. All these constructions in eclectic style with Renaissance, Gothic, and even Art Deco features were built in the first part of 20th century by the Italians.

What is there behind the medieval walls of the Rhodes Old Town? Is there anything else apart from the antique ruins, Byzantine churches and knights’ heritage? Is Rhodes completely covered in the dust of a venerated past? Is there a place for the new and modern? To answer these questions, we invite you to walk along the New Town of Rhodes and enjoy its palpitating energy.

There is a very curious combination of modern apartment buildings, wide streets, squares, contemporary shopping centers with beautiful examples of the Venetian, Gothic and neo-colonial architecture. This synthesis makes the New Town of Rhodes very interesting and in its way unique. While there please find the way to admire few sights which worth your attention:

The first thing which tourists see when they come to Rhodes is the Mandraki harbor. The entrance to the harbor is decorated with two famous Deer Statues. It is believed that the stag and the doe now stand on the place where once used to be the legendary lighthouse – Colossus of Rhodes. There is also 15th century fort of Saint Nicholas and three stone Byzantine Windmills. All this makes the place a perfect postcard which seen once will stay with you forever.

From the Mandraki harbor you may contemplate very impressive building of “Nea Agora” or New Market built by the Italians in early 20th century. There are numerous taverns, cafés, bars and of course gift shops. Don’t forget to walk along the outdoor courtyard where used to be the old fish market. In the contemporary world of huge shopping centers without any identity, this market is like a breath of the fresh air.

The most famous church in Rhodes Town is probably the Church of Annunciation. Being the main church of the Holy Metropolis of Rhodes it impresses the visitors with the stunning wooden and ivory iconostasis, magnificent chandeliers and wall paintings.

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