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Rhodes, Greece
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Monte Smith Hill

Monte Smith Hill

Monte Smith hill sometimes referred as Agios Stefanos hill offers beautiful views of medieval and modern Rhodes. The Acropolis of Rhodes which is on the Monte Smith Hill is only 3 km away from the center of modern city. Unlike most ancient acropolis this one was not fortified. The construction on the hill started in 3rd century BC. Back then there were impressive temples, sanctuaries, public buildings and underground cult places. Archaeological excavations revealed us some traces of the lost beauty, and now we can dive into the fascinating past of Rhodes history.

What can you see now on the Acropolis?

The Odeion - reconstructed ancient marble theatre with 800 seats. It is believed that it was used for the musical events devoted to Apollo and for rhetoric lessons. The theater is functioning and quite often houses different performances. Near The Odeion there is The temple of Pythian Apollo. The time was merciless to the Temple. From the former splendor now there is part of architrave and several columns.

Quite impassive is the view of the ancient stadium of Rhodes. It was 210-meters long and used to be the place for different athletic competitions devoted to the god of the son Helios.

During the excavations the inscription was found that on the Acropolis once used to be a big and good library.

All these priceless remains help us to perceive the grandeur of past civilizations and better understand ourselves.

Observation platform

Admiring the ruins don’t forget to look around and enjoy the breathtaking view. Here you are surrounded by sparkling waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. At your feet there is Rhodes city and in front of you the Turkish coast (visible when the weather is good).

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