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Springs of Kallithea

Kallithea Springs

Kallithea Springs has long been known for its beauty as well as its thermal healing water. Built on a picturesque anchorage surrounded by stunning gardens and decorated with pebble mosaics, the monument was designed in 1930 by the Italians. Although the spa is no longer in operation, the building and gardens are often used as a picturesque wedding venue.

Kallithea Springs are only 8 km away from the city of Rhodes. Being known for the revitalizing effect since the ancient times, the Kallithea Spa still attracts a lot of visitors. The peculiar combination of beautiful nature, art, and history makes this place unique.

In early 20th century thermal springs were studied by the number of scientists who came to the unequivocal conclusion about their numerous benefits. In 1928 the prominent Italian architect Pietro Lombardi was commissioned to build The Thermal Spa Institution. The architect realized the project in an absolutely magnificent way. The Spa around the Springs was designed in Moorish style and decorated with pebble stone mosaics, fountains, terraces, and rotundas. The architecture is perfectly incorporated into the natural landscape. The pavilions are surrounded by beautiful garden which gives delicious shade and peace to tired travelers.

The scenery here is stunning. There are rocks from which the Springs come, cute caves, natural grottoes and of course sparkling waters of Kallithea bay. No wonder that the place is quite often used by the locals as the place for wedding ceremonies. Also don’t be surprise to meet here some famous Hollywood directors, they came to the bay in search of ideal location for their adventurous movies. Here between the others were filmed “Escape from Athena” and “The Guns of Navarone”.