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The castle of Feraclos is probably the most romantic fortress in Rhodes. There are two reasons for this. First of all, it is the location. The castle rises on 85 m hill above picturesque village Charaki and beautiful Agathi Bay. Another reason which makes this castle special is its fascinating history.

The fortress was built on the place of ancient Acropolis by the pirates. Who knows how many treasures were hidden there? The castle was conquered by the Knights of St. John around 1306. Afterword it was seriously reconstructed and strengthened. For the knights this victory was the first and decisive in Rhodes, after capturing Feraclos they went further and conquered the whole island.

The castle had excellent strategic position. From its towers the knights could easily follow the maneuvers of the enemy ships and plan better their own voyages. The fortress was also used as a prison. But everything has its end. New turn of history brought new enemies. In the early 16th century after the siege and furious battles the castle was taken by the Turks. They decided to abandon Feraclos. By this time there were too many ghosts in the castle, the atmosphere there probably became too heavy for the alive one.

Today the castle is worth visiting not only because of the splendid view but also because of the impressive spirit of the former almighty fortress. Ruins of the walls, towels, chapels resemble a sleeping dragon who once controlled the whole island but then exhausted by the noisy humans decided to retire.

Apart from inspiring ruins you may still see the underground tunnels. They used to be the part of the old system which brought water to the nearby villages.

If you decide to visit the castle, please be ready to climb some suspiciously looking steps and fallow old narrow paths. Nevertheless, the spirit of the place deserves some inconvenience! Visit Feraclos castle to catch the flavor of vanishing past!

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