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Embonas Village

Embonas Village

Embonas is a famous tourist destination. It is well know for the production of local wines and the traditional local cuisine. Fine multicoloured embroideries are produced in Embonas and are part of the local traditions.

Wineries near Embonas village are famous for producing the best wine in Greece. The village itself is incredible, being inland and relatively far from the big cities it is almost untouched and unspoiled by the tourism. Some inhabitants of the village still wear their traditional costumes and preserve local folklore. The houses are also brilliant examples of typical rural Greek architecture. All this looks like the decoration for a movie, but it is not, it is real! Strolling along the narrow streets of the village visit local Folk and Art Museums, and afterword let yourself enjoy the excellent food in one of the local taverns.

What makes the wine here so good? Foremost, it is the location. The village is on the slopes of the highest mountain of the island called Attaviros. Here there is very special cooler microclimate. The rich soil on granite rock helps to increase humidity which is very important for adding flavors to the wine. On top of the mountain used to be the temple of the main Greek god Zeus. So we may say that the wine-making in the region was supervised by the gods during at least 2 400 years.

Apart from exquisite wine Embonas produces splendid olive oil, honey and very special strong liquor known as Souma. Sometimes Souma is called nectar of Greek gods. Don’t lose an opportunity to try it in a place where it was born.

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